Loading bar when logging in

For some reason when I log into the app as MxAdmin it just shows a loading bar and the feeback button nothing else.  I've tried setting it to go to different pages but still the same. I'm not aware of any microflows running (nothing shows up in 'Running' on the buzz) All other accounts can log in fine.  Does anyone have any thoughts?   Edit following from Rob:   See console:  Looks like google analytics us causing the problem, i'll remove it from the admin page
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It could be there is an issue with some Javascript widget.  Can you press f12 to bring up the browser console?  Are there any error messages listed there?  Here is how to use the one in Chrome, but most browsers have them:


Another thing to check is if your home screen has some security constraints on entities.  Set the security log levels in your app to TRACE and check again for helpful messages.