What components should the Mx webclient initially load

What components should I see after logging in in Firebug? I now see 'getmetadata', 'retrieve_xpath' and 'get translations' but after this is loaded, the client seems 'dead'. E.g. when I click a menu-item I see no request in firebug...
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If you follow the startup sequence in Firebug you should see,

  • getmetadata (the part of the domain model this user has access to)
  • active_modules (optionally followed by modules such as reporting and templating)
  • get_translations (various translated strings)
  • retrieve_menus (the navigation structure)
  • retrieve_idlist (the current User)
  • retrieve_xpath (the roles the current User has)
  • trigger_ startup (2.5) or get_startmicroflow (2.4)

You should see all of them, regardless of the application you've modeled.