Performance problem in Apple products in Safari

I am running into the following issue on both iPad and Macbook when opening the App in the proprietary browser (Safari). There is a workaround (iow. installing a different browser) but the client prefers to avoid that if possible. The problem is the following: I have an Overview-screen with a datagrid that show all subjects to be handled in a specific meeting. If the user chooses a subject it will open a Detail screen that includes a document viewer to show included external documents for that subject. This is all done using basic Mendix building components. So far, all of this works as intended, however....... when the user now returns to the Overview screen, this screens seems to "freeze" up, and it becomes impossible to select the next line. Thoughts so far: - 1st off, other tablets, other browser etc.... not a problem. - some of the documents attached are of a goodly size (iow big) - other browsers seems to "abort" downloading into Temp for the viewer - gut feeling says Safari hangs up on the download to Temp for the viewer Help/suggestions appriciated
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I think the problem is with the Mendix Document Viewer widget. This widget does not work on mobile devices (ticket 204771). As a workaround you can use the 'Download file' action, but beware that it only works on iOS - not on Android (ticket 205168 and 404723).