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Can someone let me know what is the process to get advance certification. I checked in academy and it seems that the certification is available only in three countries. What if someone outside those countries wants to get certified as Advanced developer. How does he do that ?  I saw that for Rapid developer,we can go through online learning paths and then give an online exam for certification but what about Advanced ?  The learning paths are available for that but not the certification.   Thanks in Advance
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Dear Sameer,

Typically one would go to a classroom session in one of our offices since this is a practical exam.

We do however offer an alternative for persons that are not located in those regions which would be via a Skype session.

Please keep in mind that we always require at least 4 persons to attend in an advanced exam session.

If this sounds something you want to make happen then please contact

Hope this helps!


Hi Sameer,

I think the advanced course is still a classroom certification course. You would have to go to a Mendix office to take your course and exam.