Phonegap generated IPA file only works on 1 device

I am currently publishing a mobile application (for Apple), have generated an IPA file via phonegap and have successfully installed this on my own device. However whenever I try to install this file on any other device it seems to fail to install. Is there any setting I am missing that prevents me from distributing it to other devices? I have selected: - Private application - Allow public sharing On the phonegap build settings. When I try to install the IPA file on any device but my own it says ''cannot be installed''.
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Have you set up your Apple certificate and provisioning profile correctly. If you have a development certificate you can only install the app on devices you have specified in the provisioning profile I believe. If you want to install it on any device it has to go through the apple store and get approval. If you have an android you do not have to do this process.