Login placeholder text gets overwritten

Hi guys, I've changed the styling of my login page a bit, but noticed that the 'username' placeholder is being overwritten to the default (I think). In my login.html I clearly added that the placeholder should be 'Username' (without a space). But when running and loading, the placeholder still says 'User name' (with an extra space). Does anyone know where this could come from? I can't find anything regarding this issue. Login code where the username is being displayed: <div class="formGroup"> <label id="usernameLabel" for="usernameInput" style="display:none;"></label> <input type="text" placeholder="Username" id="usernameInput" /> <i class="fa fa-user"></i> </div> Actual screenshot of login page: Thanks for your help! Update Ah I figured it out. It is in the login_i18n.js file. However, since this file is in the deployment directory it gets overwritten and my changes aren't saved. Is there another location where this file is where I CAN edit it? Update #2 I fixed it by creating a duplicate of the login_i18n.js file in my theme folder. This wasn't here before, hence I didn't notice it. After changing my copy I changed the login.html file to make use of the new .js file and that works!
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