Which URL to whitelist for Mendix Desktop Modeler

Hi Mendix, I've installed Mendix Modeler 7.22.2 on our development server (Windows 2016). After installation and starting the 1st time I get the error message:  “Oops! Something went wrong here”. I think the problem is that our server is restricted from the Internet by a Firwall. Can you tell me which URLs to whitelist so we can start using the Mendix Modeler ? Yours sincerely,
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As far as I can see, the web modeler runs on the URL modeler.mendix.com, but also loads stuff from other URLs. Try whitelisting the following URLs

  • modeler.mendix.com
  • sprintr.home.mendix.com
  • js.intercomcdn.com
  • static.intercomassets.com

There has been a change of plan.
We will use a standalone laptop to evaluate the Mendix Modeler software.

If the software is usefull, we will install it on our development server.