Filter microflow sourced datagrid based on associated value

Ok, this I hope will make some form of sense…  In my app I have an entity CorePropertyInformation, each object of this entity can be linked to a part of our companies organisation structure, this is used for reporting.  There are 7 levels to the organisation structure, and the app handles Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 Also, each object in CorePropertyInformation generates multiple events, these events can be reported on.  The user will generate the report by filling out a form (non-persistable entity). This includes the places to choose a level to report in, and also a reference selector that allows the user to choose a structure unit from the Level they want.   This is then passed to a microflow sourced data grid. The microflow will read the ReportSelections and return a list of objects accordingly. This is the microflow… (please also tell me if there’s a better way to do this) I want to add the ability to also filter this report on the organisation structure at any of the 4 levels that are handled.  I am not sure how to set this up. I have tried to filter on the retrieve to get records that equal the structure unit the user has selected but I have not been able to put the correct XPath in… if it’s even possible.  I have also tried making it so the structural units are also in the Event entity but this is the problem I get…  In my ‘Level2’ entity, there is a Structure name that I want to link to reference.  I’m a bit stuck… I hope this makes some form of sense.  
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I have had great success with the Grid Search widget for these kinds of complex search requirements.  Might help you with this.



Hi Garion,

If you have associations to your report selection entity for a user to select an organization structure to filter on, then you can write this in your xpath constraint. 

Here is an example:

If you have a domain model similar to this:

and you want to retrieve events based on the association that is set to report selection, then your xpath will look like this:

[MyFirstModule.Event_OrganizationStructure = $ReportSelection/MyFirstModule.ReportSelection_OrganizationStructure]


The report selection needs to be persistent in order for you to use its association in an xpath retrieve. If you want it to be non-persistent, then you can retrieve the organization structure through the report selection object and use that in your retrieve.

[MyFirstModule.Event_OrganizationStructure = $OrganizationStructure]



Hope this helps!