Page size of List view

Hello team, how to avoid an issue with page size? I have the list view, that does not show any records like on the screenshot. It seems, that the issue is in the page size.
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Hi Vsevolod,

The List view ‘Page Size’ determines the maximum amount of records before the ‘Show more’ button appears, it does not set a minimum amount of rows. This option (show empty records) is only available on a data grid. List view controls exist to mimic data grid functionality, but as far as I know ‘show empty records’ is not included.

In other (and fewer) words: are you sure there are no records of the entity you are showing? Check the entity read/write rights if you believe there should be a label. If you want to do a quick check, just put some text on the listview:


Let us know what you find out!


It seems that you are able to see the records, but the values are not displayed. The most common reason for this is that the user which is logged on, has no read access to the shown attribute. Could that be the case?


Could someone else help? I have a read access and when I configured a page and update it. I can`t see the list….