Permission denied felix configuration template

I'm trying to install/run an app on a newer modeler version and getting an error when I 'start' the app. App was created on 5.14.1 and running successfully on our on premise server. I converted the app to 5.21.0 and installed 5.21.0 on the server. When I 'start' the app I get the below error. ERROR: felix configuration template could not bewritten: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/local/share/mendix/6.0.0/runtime/' I also tried converting/installing 6.0.0 and got the same error.
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HI Tracy,

This is clearly a permission issue. You can ask your linux admin to provide read/write/execute permissions to the user group of your application user for /usr/local/share/mendix/6.0.0/runtime/

This will solve the problem.

Regards, Sharad