Spoof Mendix Project version

Hi all, I built a complex module in Mendix Version 7.20. I actually need to being able to open it in Mendix 7.31.1. It is all default (but a lot of) Mendix microflows and pages, so I thought of saving myself some work and spoofing the Mendix version of the MPR file. Via SQLite plugin of Google Chrome I am able to update the _ProductVersion and _ BuildVersion columns of the  _Metadata table to the correct Mendix version I need.: update _Metadata set _ProductVersion = '7.13.1'; update _Metadata set _BuildVersion = '';   Once I close the browser, reopen the MPR file with SQLIte and check the table, the columns are reverted to their old values…. Does anybody know how I can proceed? I know this is definitely not a best pratice, but rebuilding in Mendix 7.13.1 will take a lot of effort. Thanks!!   EDIT: Please be aware this is not a best practice as mentioned. You should refrain from doing this unless there is no other way and you have ample experience with the Mendix platform. 
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Use the Mprtool.exe in the modeler directory  (C:\Program Files\Mendix\7.13.1\modeler) :)

and use Tools → Edit metadata from the menu



❗ ❗ oh and yes it's on your own risk. Your model can be damaged and sometimes it will fail because items/documents are not backwards compatible! ❗❗


is there an easier way to do this?
need to downgrade a module from 9.12.4 to 9.12.1