Appservice documentation

I'm using several appservices to sync data between mendix apps. Everytime I deploy a new one, I don't know what the appservice url is. With published webservices, mendix has a webservice documentation page with the wsdl,xsd and a sample request on /ws-doc/. The only place to find the appservice url is in the settings when you consume an appservice. Is there something like this for appservices? Something like a /as-doc/?
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Unfortunately, this information is not available on the provider side.

Why would you be interested in the URL anyway? In practice, as an app service consumer I don't care where my data is coming from as long as I am getting the data that I requested. This open up possibilities for multi providers for single app service. Wouldn't it be nice if the app service can find the closest provider thus creates a faster connection, or if the provider is down it can switch to different provider and still retrieve your data?

Also, by not providing auto-generated documentation on the provider side, it allow us to change the underlying technology for example the data exchange can be JSON instead of SOAP XML.