XPath constraint not working in a Reference Set Select Page

I am attempting to filter the datagrid results in a reference set select page but the XPath constraint is not being applied (the exact same datagrid, copied into a standard page is filtering the data correctly). I am using the following details: Data source: XPath Entity: Administration.Account XPath constraint: [System.UserRoles/System.UserRole/Name = 'Underwriter'] I've also checked in 5.21 and get the same behaviour (works on a standard page, not in a select page) Has anyone else seen this? Am I attempting to do something daft? Thanks, iain
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In a reference set selector, you control the displayed objects via the Selectable Objects on the Reference Set Selector widget - not the Select page. At least I think this is the way it works. If this is the case, perhaps this is a feature request to Mendix to remove XPath, etc. from Selector pages.

Hope that helps,