How to create 2 different entities on one page ?

I need to create teo entities on one page. So one variant is: create parent entity which has 1 to 1 connection with both entities, for example marged and try to create this entity on my page. But it isn`t working, becouse i can select for dougter entites from dropdown without ability to edit. But i need to create two separete entities. Please, help me.
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In order to edit an attribute you need to place it in a dataview of the corresponding entity, you cannot edit an object into another object’s dataview. 

Also for the sake of clarity in the forum I would ask that you don’t create a duplicate question, especially to your own. You can edit your initial question if needed or add a comment. Furthermore I will re-iterate on Wieke’s suggestion to look through the academy training, that should help you with the Mendix basics.

Hope this helps