TeamServer options

When I try to open a specific project from TeamServer I don't see it listed. I can see others there. I can see the project on my Dev Portal. I have a new install which is why I need to open from TeamServer again. I can see the project on the file system of my old Windows install. In the old install I can commit changes and if I try to Upload to TeamServer it tells me it's already a project .. so presumably it is on TeamServer, but I'm not sure why I don't see it available as an option when I try to open a project. It's not an option in either Windows install. Does anyone have an ideas what the issue might be and/or if there's another way to access my project from the new Windows install?
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I'm not sure what caused the issue above, but I was able to get around it by doing the following:

  • In old install, open the App called AppName and export the project package
  • Open Modeler in old install and import project package, renaming app to AppNameUpgrade
  • If AppNameUpgrade is still not visible as an option under TeamServer, make a change and commit.
  • AppNameUpgrade should now be a TeamServer option.