Custom feedback button - what page is the user on

Hi all,  I am currently looking into using the custom feedback button  I would like to make it so when a user has an issue it will go into my companies existing ticketing system via API or email (TBD). The Mendix feedback widget shows you what page/document the users were on when they clicked the feedback button.  I’ve seen people mention solutions like microflows on each page that take the page name but with my app having a lot of pages this is less than desirable. I don’t yet fully understand that method yet.  Is getting the page name or title possible through a java action?   Many thanks, 
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A couple of things:  It looks like the custom feedback widget hasn’t been updated for some time.  You may have issues using this with Mx7.

As another option, you can interact with Mendix feedback for your project using the Feedback API.  Feedback collected by the feedback widget is accessible via the API.  So you could either develop a way to grab it in your Mendix app and send it to your ticketing system, or if your ticketing system has the ability to retrieve and import info via API calls, you could build that capability in your ticketing system.



Hello Garion,

While I’ve never used it myself, I believe that the page name is obtained through the client-side, though a property contained by all widgets (mxform). So through js you could use this.mxform to obtain information about the containing form.

You can find the documentation for the object retrieved here . You can pass relevant information into a microflow from your widget by giving it an input object in which you store what you need.

Edit: I’ve confirmed the following to work within the HTMLSnippet with Context:


This returns the actual page title, but you could query the path (alert(this.mxform.path);) which comes out very similar to the format you get via feedback

Hope this helps