Tooltip variable

Hello, I use the “bootstrap tooltip” widget for my tooltips. I want to insert the text of a variable in these tooltips. I want to maintain this variable in my system so if i change the text of this variable the content of all my tooltips i used this variable in changes. How can I do that in the easiest way possible?   thanks
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Heey Kerem,

You can use a microflow to create the tooltip. In that microflow you can use a constant you create to set the tooltip.

So wheneven you change your constant all the tooltips will change. In this case you cannot change the tooltip without restarting your app.

You could also make an entity with different tooltips text and an active/inactive boolean and in the microflow retrive the active tooltip and use that.
In this case you can set als an admin on a page you make which tooltip should be the active one

Kind regards,