Excel Importer error - SAXParser not found

Hi, One of our customers is having trouble importing XLSX files. They currently have a workaround by saving the file as an XLS file and somehow the content of the file works fine then. The error is this one: Document could not be imported, because: SAX2 driver class org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser not found I’ve already checked all the JAR files, thinking that there might be conflicting files that didn’t have the required class. The thing is that the class actually can’t be found in ANY of the JAR files in the project directory, BUT the functionality works fine on the acceptance environment and locally as well (both with exactly the same JAR files present). Has anyone encountered this before? I did find this question, which suggests that this might be a runtime issue?
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You say that none of the Jars has the class but the app keeps running? Sounds like magice to me..How do you know for sure that the class isn’t there in Jars?
May you can write a new Java code using that class to see whether is really causing an error in Eclipse  or not, then you have the Jar it is used..you can delete that jar and try again to see whether another Jar has the class then….etc


Hi Dennis,

You link to a question I asked some time ago that I should have updated.

We placed a ticket (76215) on that one and it turned out to be some amazon runtime dependency where we could not upload files bigger than 5MB.

It was solved by adding a xerces-2.9.0.jar found here: https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.apache/xerces/2.9.0

Mendix said that it should be added in 7.22