Refresh nested dataview that is filled by microflow

I'm in the situation that I have two data views of which one (B) is nested within the other (A). The inner data view is filled by a datasource microflow which returns an entity based on the outer view entity. (A -> Return B). When I press an action button, the B entity will be changed. Because of UX reasons, the popup that shows the nested views A and B is still displayed on screen when the B entity is changed. Is there a way to refresh the B dataview entity after the change has completed? I have already tried refreshing the A object through a regular 'Change in client' and even the refreshClassByObject Java action in Community Commons. I can't get the B dataview refreshed that is displayed on screen.
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Looks like this is a bug (or feature, depending on your point of view) that is changed in 5.20. See this Forum Post for details. Good news is that the upgrade from 5.18 to 5.20 is minor, so you should be able to do this upgrade without issues. You could try it in a branch line first to make sure it works as you would like.