Is it possible to put my project online to get some feedback?

Hi, I have worked through all tutorials etc. all day but I can't seem to get the basics right. I want to create a very simple app. You should be able to enter: A paper type (Brand, Size, Number and Grammage) A purchase location (Wholesaler and Reseller) Delivery data (Company name, contactperson, address, requested delivery date)   Looking at the grammage for instance, there's a limited nr. of options. Can only be 80/90/100 gram. I can't seem to find out how. Also, I have three separate pages (Paper type “Soort", Purchase location “verkooppunt” and delivery data “Levering”). Still, once the paper info is inserted you should automatically be directed to the next page (Purchase Location). I can't work that out either.   Very sorry for these basic questions, but I really feel I will keep on struggling for hours else, while someone could probably help me in a few minutes..   Thanks! Jan
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Hi Jan,

It is hard to say where it goes wrong without more information. If you could provide a screenshot of the domain model and the microflow between page 'Soort' and page 'verkooppunt' it would help in offering a solution. For the grammage, you can define the options in the masterdata or use an enumeration for these three categories.

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And take a look at the funcion here:

This way you can constrain a brand size with the available options of the weight. Because not every brand will have all the available weights.