Crop image keeps caching and showing previous images

Hi   i have an image data view (listening to a data grid of images) with crop image widget in it, when i process one image with crop image and proceed to another one to crop I see another image showing up (first processed image). which means that i see more images than the one listening to. This behaviour keeps increasing when proceeding. Seems like that the previous image is cached or so? Anyone an idea how to solve this   I tried  the following which didnt work out for me: - closing and opening the page for each image to handle    
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I would suggest to file a issue on github with the widget, this is not supposed to happen.

No idea if it works but as a a workaround you can try using a different entity then the picture itself in the listview, in the listen to dataview you can retrieve the image over association in another dataview or us a DS microflow. This might refresh/retrigger the crop widget.