Blocking popup in Mx6

Hi, I've converted my project to Mx6 recently. I noticed that my layouts have the layout type depricated. I changed this to Popup for my popup layout but now it is impossible to open a page with this popuplayout as a blocking popup. I use blocking popups a lot. Is there an alternative way to keep using blocking popups in Mx6? Tnx!
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As others have already mentioned, there is also a layout type for modal pop-ups. Also, check out this post on making the move to layout types and the features that help you with that:

Batch Updating Page Layouts


I think you you need to set your layout type to Modal Pop-up


Remco was just ahead of me.

Since Mx 5.18, you can adjust the properties of the popup layout and specify what type of popup it should be. You could find more information in the reference guide.

If you have any questions, please let me know.