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I have added nested microflows in my project and trying to get some details from user in one of the microflow. Consider below scenario: On page 1 –> call microflow 1 microflow1→ call microflow 2 and does some activity on output from microflow2. microflow2 → shows page2 and gets some input from user. When I run above scenario, page2 is displayed after microflow1 completes. As a result, the logic that is implemented after microflow2 call in microflow1 is of no use. Is there any way where we can restrict microflow2 to not complete unless page2 (displayed in microflow2) is dismissed by the user ? Microflow2 is a common microflow which I am using at multiple places in various other microflows. and I want to get user input before proceeding further. Note: I want to have a behavior similar to a modal dialog of an application, where user cannot continue further unless he takes some action on the dialog.    
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Hello Sameer,

You’ll need to split your microflows:

  1. Your MF1 does some logic perhaps call MF2 as a submicroflow and shows Page 2
  2. From page 2 the user fills in some data
  3. The user clicks complete/finish, you validate data and call MF 3 which executes the process post page 2

I’m afraid there is no out of the box way to simulate the pop-ups with user input.

Hope this helps.



A microflow cannot wait for action to take place on a page.  So microflow 2 can’t wait for user input on Page 2.  You will need the following, I think:

  • on page 1, call a microflow (or use a button) that opens page 2
  • create a microflow that does what you want to do after gathering input on page 2
  • put that microflow behind a button, or in an event handler on the appropriate controls on page 2

In this way, the microflow you create that will be called from page 2 will be able to make sure all required input has been received and, if so, execute the actions needed.

Hope that helps,