How to check if a module is from the AppStore in the SDK?

When I am checking e.g. naming conventions of microflows, I want to exclude AppStore modules. My current solution is creating an array of module names that are from the AppStore, so that I can check if the moduleName of a microflow is in the array. However, I am running into problems creating this list. My code is: var promisedOnlineWorkingCopy = project.createWorkingCopy(revision); promisedOnlineWorkingCopy .then(workingCopy => workingCopy.model().allModules) .then(modules => {for (var i = 0 ; i < modules.length ; i++) { addModuleToAppStoreModuleList(modules[i]); } }) The problem is that modules contains no elements. Is this a bug in the SDK? Is there an error in my code? Is there another way to perform this check? edit: answer found When typing my response to Arjan, I noticed I had written: workingCopy.model.AllModules on line 3. This is, of course, incorrect, as the correct statement is: workingCopy.model.AllModules(). The fact that Visual Studio Code doesn't care makes me sad :(
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Modules have a property fromAppStore which returns a boolean

 if (module.fromAppStore) {
            // some code here