Update Multiple Item

Hi, How can I update multiple items in a gallery with the same value?  For Example: In the below picture, I want to edit “CER no” to “xyz” for the lines “Proj no 1” and  “Proj no 2”. I do not want to do this two times because I am updating the same value for multiple lines. Any help here is much appreciated.
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In a microflow you can retrieve all the records you want, based on the same criteria as those that are shown in your screen or any other (sub)set. Loop over these objects to update the ‘CER no’ attribute to your desired value. Refresh (and commit if desired) the list and you’re set!


Also, if these are the type of problems you run into, I recommend going through the Mendix Academy online learnings: in the long run they’ll save you a lot of time :) 

Good luck!