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Hi all,  Just want to ask a few questions regarding RAM Usage.  The reasons for asking is that I have just upgraded to Iono from a Small container and have gone from 1GB to 8GB of RAM.  Before the upgrade the app was holding steady at around 990MB. After the upgrade it’s been going up, and i’m not sure why. I find it odd because it’s not a smooth upward trend, there are clear step increases. I have no scheduled events at those times and there is nothing in the logs.  The dip at 12:45 was an app restart.  Is this expected behaviour, will it just keep going up and then stop near the limit.  Is there anything on Mendix that auto clears down the memory.  Is it likely I have something somewhere that is creating stuff in the memory but not clearing it? Is there any best practices I need to be aware of?
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See this page for some more insight in memory usage of a Mendix app:

The memory will be cleared by the garbage collector when it is no longer being referenced (used).

When the memory keeps increasing up to the limit this is a sign of something unhealthy going on in your app. Some processing that creates a lot of entries or retrieves them and is not ending.

See this page for some best practices on performance:


This is probably nothing to worry about. Because you have so much memory available the garbage collector has not been triggered yet. However, if you see that the garbage collector does get triggered in the future (usually when memory usage is ~90%) but fails to release enough memory then you should investigate.