How to do an Audit to GSM-users?

What would be a good way to do a quick short audit to a group of GSM-users? I want to send a message to a group of GSM-users (email and telephone number is known) with 2 questions in it. I need to collect the answers on these questions and also check if everybody answered, so not anonymous. How would you do that in Mendix? Thanks up front for your help and ideas! Bénédicte
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  • Assuming you want to do this in the sandbox environment, where you can not have more than 10 named users.
  • Assuming you want to invite more than 10 users.
  • Assuming these users are not yet known to a mendix app of yours.
  • Assuming your mendix knowledge is at least at rapid developer.

I suggest to

  • Start with an ‘anonymous’ role for the respondents and an admin role for you.
  • Use the deeplink module and the community commons module.
  • Set up the entity “Questionnaire” with the fields Name, eMail, Answer-1, Answer-2 and a HashedKey field. The latter will be used to send everybody a unique link that you can trace to their name. 
  • Create the overview & edit pages and populate Questionnaire with the known people manually.
  • Have  a microflow create a hashed key for every occurence in questionnaire (using the community commons RandomHash Java action). 
  • Configure a deeplink microflow that retrieves the persons questionnaire, using the hashed-key, and present it on a page to the anonymous (but identified) user. The deeplink will be something like
  • Download your populated questionnaire entity, generate invites in office (or with the mendix mail module if you want).
  • Send the invites and generate some buzz around it.
  • your respondents open the link, the deeplink routes them to their page. they leave their answers
  • you  as an ‘admin’  can monitor progress by checking if answers do get fed into the questionnaire entity.


Quick, not-normalized, not fully re-usable, but should be working. You can make it nicer and more customer friendly with some more statuses, configurable questions etc.etc.