Associations / Multiplicity

I’m stuck on one of the Academy Learning Path modules. The instruction is as follows: Create a new non-persistable entity named HeaderData. Add a 1-* association to the Session entity (in the System module). What I think this means is that there should be one HeaderData to many Sessions. Within the HeaderData entity, I added an association (HeaderData_Session) with type “Reference set” (so I can select multiple Sessions) with the owner set to “Default” (I think that sets it to one owner), with the Parent as “HeaderData” and the Child as “Session.” I believe that I am supposed to create a multiplicity that is “Multiple ‘Session’ objects are associated with one ‘HeaderData’ objects,” but that is not one of the options.  Does anyone see the flaw in my logic?
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I think the way the course specifies the association type is a bit confusing and it’s most likely meant to have multiplicity the other way around.

You will have to do a *-1 association where you have many HeaderData objects associated to a session. You cannot create the association the other way because a non-persistent entity cannot be a parent of a persistent entity, and your association would be a change to the system module.

Hope this helps.