Heading 2 Font Type

Hi, I am trying to match the font type of heading 2? Can you please tell me what it is?​​​​​​​   Thank you,  ​​​​​​​Laura Geckler
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To check your app's style you could also take a look at the _custom-variables.scss file in your theme folder.

There's a part for the typography with variables you could use in other specific styling you might want to add. Here's an example what your looking for:

//== Step 3: Typography
$font-family-import:                                'https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oxygen:300,regular,700';
$font-family-base:                                  Oxygen;
$font-base-size:                                    14px;
$font-base-color:                                   #555555;
$link-color:                                        rgba(72, 176, 247, 1);
$font-size-h1:                                      31px;
$font-size-h2:                                      26px;
$font-size-h3:                                      24px;
$font-size-h4:                                      18px;
$font-color-headers:                                rgba(233, 131, 0, 1);



Hello Laura,

The font properties depend on your app’s styles.

If by font type you mean the HTML element type, that’s an h2, otherwise I suggest you inspect the header in your app ( right click > inspect) that should give you all the styles applied.

Hope this helps