Struggling to get the Create Application with Advanced Page Building Learning path working well

Thank you for reading my question Unfortunately, there is no solution provided in the Resources Tab, nor was i able to find it anywhere else. We have a problem implementing “4.4.1 Complete the Second Page of the Wizard” Section.  In particular step 6 where we are supposed to create a new RequestLine for the Request initiated in page 1 of the wizard.  Steps 6 is about creating a page so that the Requestor can enter a new requestline through the NEW button available at the data grid toolbar.  the document says   Right-click the New button and click Generate page…. The result of this generation is the following   When we run the application and arrive to the above page, the  Reference Selector input is empty.  It is not linked to the Request being filled.  We have changed it to normal Text Box, and still the same.  The above page fails to save because such reference cannot be empty.   The document does not say anything about this situation!! Looking at the Source of the Data View, it is RequestLine, the Xpath of Request Referenced selector seems correct, we replaced it with Text Box, but it seems it does not get the information from Memory where the Request information is available.  We had to write a microflow that creates a requestline with the current Request objects passed as a member of the RequestLine.  This works, but the question is Does the Steps mentioned Right-click the New button and click Generate page   really work, is the document incorrect?  Sorry we are a bit frustrated because our experience with the product is only two weeks.   thanks again
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Hi Ammar,

Make sure your data is committed to the database before displaying it if you are using Xpath, as it will work only if it was in the database .

Another check is to make sure in the entity you have read access “security”.