Error using ReST Services: Undefined layout Layouts.DesktopLayout

Hello all, I'm having a problem adding ReST service support to an app. I've downloaded the RestServices & CommunityCommons apps but now get two errors: Undefined layout 'Layouts.DesktopLayout' (no module 'Layouts') Undefined placeholder 'Layouts.DesktopLayout.Content' (no module 'Layouts') It seems clear the issue is a missing Module ("Layouts"). As a newbie however I'm stumped on how to resolve (no "Layouts" app in the app store / haven't found an answer searching the forum). I think this question covers the same problem so I did the following: Open RestServices->_implementation->Layout Double click on FullScreenLayout In the Properties pane (Top RHS) click the ellipsis to the right of General->Master layout. In the popup, select NavigationLayouts->Responsive->Sidebar_full_responsive & click Select. The initial problem goes away but generates instead a further 6 errors about empty captions/questions. EDIT: To be clear: the empty captions/questions errors all pertain to the ServiceOverview page in the RestServices module. I wonder if it was written prior to the UX changes that introduced e.g. the responsive layouts? Given this is a first step in, I'm reluctant to go hacking about in the RestServices module. Apologies if it's already answered, pointers appreciated if so. Thanks, Scott.
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The problem is that the standard layouts have been renamed through the time. If I remember correctly from DesktopLayout to DesktopMasterLayout. The sollution is quite simpel. Just point the offending form to a layout you do have in your application. So point this form to the DesktopMasterLayout and you are good to go. Nowadays it is good practise when creating a module to incorporate the layout that has been used to design the forms.




Layouts is a standard module which comes with Mendix. Try creating a new app with a template and export the layouts module and import it into your project.