Critical error count is 0.16666666

Hi, I seem to get these alerts, but the count is 0.166666666 which I found odd. Is this normal behaviour? I’d expect it to be 1 or more and not a decimal   I have also checked through the app logs and there is no critical errors
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Maybe it is only 16.6 % critical ;-)

I have also seen numbers like this and was also wondering.


I have also seen these kind of numbers and was under the impression that it is caused by the number of instances you have configured for the environment:

Could it be that your app is deployed in Cloud V4 and has multiple instances?

My thought was that the count is based on the average of criticals over the instances, but this would mean that you would have 6 instances, of which 1 has a critical.


Seems like this is the % of critical errors in the log per time unit. Not sure what time unit this is, but check your error log and you will find the (critical) errors causing this warning.