Bug? - After a close page of a newedit of tab/grid #3, the selection of tab/grid #2 goes to first selection.

I have a Tab-container consisting of three tabs, each containing a gridview. Let's say those grids contain Costumer/Order/Product, each a 1-to-many relation to the next. Thus: Grid 2 on tab 2 listens to Grid 1 on tab 1. Grid 3 on tab 3 listens to Grid 2 on tab 2. When I edit an object on Grid 3 and close page, the selection of Grid 2 goes back to first selection and thus instead of seeing a grid of products of the previously selected order being refreshed, I see a grid of products of the costumer's first order. For some strange reason, the costumer grid doesn't lose it's selection.
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On the tab you could set two properties, one of them is "refresh on show". I think that you have this setting set to "yes", which will reload the content of the tab.