Change the default logo for my application without changing the theme of the application.

I was trying to change the logo of the to some other logo. I tried changing the theme but changing the theme resulted in the change of the view of the list litems in created pages(there are many pages whose look was changed). To change the css for the craeted theme looks to be a little time consuming task. Is there any way by which I can change the default logo of my application. without changing the theme. Please suggest.
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Its also pretty easy to change the default logo using the web modeler


Your current icon should exist within your theme folder.

All you need to do is replace it with the desired icon – it might be named something like favicon.ico 

If you cannot find it, within the theme folder edit your index.html and it should contain a reference to your icon. You can replace it at that or add another image and switch the reference.

Hope this helps.