# character in URL

I’m trying to use ‘#’ in mendix app url, like, localhost:8080/index.html#something but it automatically changes back to localhost:8080/index.html how can I change this behaviour?   NOTE : Actually I'm developing a custom widget, and in their i'm using oidc-client library, when I signin , there's a response which is appended to myurl like: myhost.com/somecall#credentials.... But the mendix app seems to just discard the # part and take me to myhost.com
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I suspect you are trying to use the anchor as a link to scroll directly to a section of a page? There is an old forum post (dated in 2014) that explains that Mendix loads a page a bit differently compared to a normal website. 

You could try to use this app store module: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/2583/


Good luck!