Adding a default value to a List View

Hello all, I'm trying to create list views with some fields that may or may not be filled in once the information has been selected by the user. Is there a way to add " N/A " as the default text if there is no selection/entry for that specific field? The information is being displayed inside of the list view, using a table with each attribute in the corresponding sections.
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You could add a boolean variable to your entity to control the display of each field. Then, based on selections made by the user in the first field or two of the page, you can build some on change microflows that will set the value of the booleans for the remaining fields on the page. You can then use these booleans to either hide the subsequent fields or disable them.

For instance, lets say you have an entity containing information about your customers, including the following attributes: - yearsInBusiness (integer) - creditCheckRequired (boolean) - displayCreditCheckRequired (boolean)

On an entry page for this entity, you could have a field for yearsInBusiness and a check box for creditCheckRequired. Then you could create a microflow that will be called in the onChange event on yearsInBusiness, which would set displayCreditCheckRequired boolean to true if yearsInBusiness is less than 5 and false if yearsInBusiness is 5 or more. Finally, if you make creditCheckRequired checkbox visible based on the value of displayCreditCheckRequired, you will only see that checkbox on your page if yearsInBusiness has a value less than 5.

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Hi Brandon,

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