Custom made theme made by designer with no Mendix experience

For one of our customers we have an application deployed for a while now ( over a year). This application is functionally done but they would like to start styling it aswell. They have a in-house designer that knows CSS and would like to have him design (and preferably make) a theme for Mendix. Does anybody have any suggestions and/or experience how to go about this? Would it be best to let him do the complete theme (possibly send him to a Mendix/CSS training). Or maybe there should be some/a lot of involvement from our side (I have zero to none experience with CSS). Or should he just download one of the new themes and start working from there? It is an application that was build in 5.0x, but by now is in 5.21 (which means it is still using a very old theme, but all the 'new' css/cass updates should be doable.
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Hi Niels,

Try this You can setup your basic Mendix template in the right colors and export it.

To import in the Modeler go to --> settings --> Model (tab) --> theme import.

Good luck!


To add another tip: use GapDebug to debug your iOS device (


I would check if the designer knows about SASS ( Because the whole Mendix UI Framework is build using SASS. Here are some other links to get the styler started.