Mendix release cycle info?

How often does Mendix release a new version? What is the general end of support timeline for each version? What is the recommended approach for upgrades by Mendix?
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Information about Mendix support policy is here:
In summary: Mendix supports the current major release and the two prior major releases (and we support each major release for a minimum of 24 months).

As far as the “how often” question. There is a new release every month, as mentioned here:  Whether this is a patch, minor, or major release is dependent on what features are in the release.


From the top of my head because indeed the documentation is a bit scarce for this subject. Mendix support the last two major versions. We are now on Mx 7 so Mx5 and 6 are still supported. This year Mendix 8 will be released so Mx5 will soon lose it support status. When Mx 8 is released Mx 7 will only get bug updates but no new enchancements. Furthermore minor version we have almost every month. Severe bug get a patch release so 7.15 becomes 7.15.1. The exception is the last release of a major version as we have now. We are on 7.23 and only patch releases will come towards Mx8.

I hope somebody from Mendix will correct me if I made a mistake in the above text.





Mine was a more generic question. I didn’t see any info how often mendix will release new versions. Do you have general release lifecycle targets? How often do you release minor versions?

What is the end of life or support for each version?

We are trying to plan an upgrade strategy for our company.


Thanks Ronald for the comments. You do understand my pain as the documentation on this is scarce.


Hi Bhanu,

For the release dates of new versions of Mendix you can check the appstore (modelers)

If you need support you can submit a support ticket. 



about once a month for updates
in the appstore under modeler (bottom left menu)