BootstrapTooltip widget working locally but not in Sandbox

The bootstrap tooltip widget works just fine locally (if ''bundle widgets when running locally'' is turned off), however when I deploy to the sandbox my application won't load anymore. Is there any setting I can/should change in the sandbox to make this widget work, or what could be the reason (java version?) that a widget does work locally but not in a Sandbox. Console shows the following: TypeError: Cannot read property 'jquery' of undefined {} When clicking on it: There are no properties to show for this object.
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Niels, Eric,

Could you check the updated version on Github? Check my comment here:

If this works, I will update it as soon as possible in the AppStore


Can confirm this is an issue on 5.21+ when widget bundling is enabled. I also confirmed this on a project with no other widgets. I posted an issue on the widget's github page.

The line that seemingly causes this issue is:

$ = tooltip.createInstance($);