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Hi, I have created an application. In that I have created a list and add pages. When I am debugging the process, in list page, I have encountered an error. Could not create widget SprintrFeedbackWidget.SprintrFeedback: TypeError: mx.processor is undefined. Can anyone please help me.
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Hey Vatsalya,

The Sprintr feedback widget is what creates the 'give feedback' button to be present on the side of your screen. Any userfeedback given via this form is the directly sent into the Mendix developer tool Sprintr.

This widget is normally placed on the dashboard/first screen of a loged in user. You should be able to find its use with the advanced search functionality (ctrl-shift-f, or in the menu of edit at the top of the modeler). With advanced search you then select Search for Add-on widgets and the the Feedback Widget.

Now in the find results you see where this widget is used. If you select the widget on the page a configuration menu should open. Part of the configuration is the Feedback server location which should be set as: https://sprintr.home.mendix.com/ and the Project identifier that should be set as the project ID.

Finding the project ID in sprintr is a challenge. Go to Sprinter select the developer portal. The select the project you made. On the right you can 'show all' with team. The select the tab General settings and you should see your project ID.


Hi Vatsalya,

This sounds like you are using an older version of the SprintrFeedbackWidget. The older version was using deprecated API's like mx.processor. This widget has been part of a couple of themes .

The Platform team has updated the widget to a new version that is supported in MX 6 (No more deprecations). Could you see if you can replace the one in your project with the latest version from te AppStore? That should fix the issue. Also, if you would be so kind to tell us which theme is used, we'll see if it is still using an old version.


Hi, Thanks for your response. I have used BlueWave Theme for my project. And can you please help how to replace the existing theme with any other new theme??