How to copy a project using the Mendix SDK

Hi, I'm looking on how to create a new project which would be a copy of an existing project using the platform SDK. Any ideas of how this can be done? Best regards, Daniel Serva
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Hi Daniel,


Are you looking to just create a new version of an application on a different repository? 

If so this can be achieved using the projects API and uploading an app to the appstore.

  1. Export your model
  2. Create a new appstore starter app
  3. Get the UUID for the app, this can be found using chrome dev tools or asking support.
  4. Use this API to create a new project using the template you uploaded to the appstore


You can of course use the model SDK to do what you mention, i just don’t know how off the top of my head.





You could generate all SDK code from old project to create an exact copy and run it into a new project: