Disabling the default login page when using the SAML module

The documentation and instruction on this is very vague at best. I tried to use meta http-equiv=”refresh” tag and it goes into some kind of infinite loop. If you want this to be low-code platform, the instructions should be provided for someone who does not know how react.js works and how URL routing works in mendix. The inner workings should not matter and the barrier of entry becomes high if one is expected to know all that. Can someone give me step by step instruction on how to do so? If do disable the default login page, how will administration work? So kind of a in a bind.
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Hello Bhanu,

While I’m not familiar with the URL rerouting the module does you can do the following:

  1. Place a URL redirector widget on your homepage that leads to your SSO location – this should redirect all users to SSO
  2. Using the deeplink module create a deeplink that leads to your login page – this should allow you to bypass the SSO page if you need to log into MxAdmin or without SSO for any reason

Hope this helps


You do not have to remove the default login page. When the client goes to the right URL the person is autmaticly logged in.

We modified the standard login only to show a page with the different iDP's if you have a multi tenant environment with more then one iDP. Otherwise you can only create a button with a redirect to the right url (like https://yoururl.mendixcloud.com/SSO/login?_idp_id=YourClient).

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I want to disable to default the login page for obvious security reasons. Every mendix app has the same default login page, mxadmin is by default present, why wouldn’t someone brute force their way in? he has got his environment on platter to break into. He knows every app has /login.html page and the user name is mxadmin, I am not sure if I want to be in that camp.