API Orchestration

Hi Team, I have a use case where in we require to invoke multiple APIs in a fixed sequence and deliver a business transaction. For e.g. submitting an add customer api followed by add an deposit account for the customer followed by approve account. Plan to provide a simple add customer UI with basic info like name, address, email, phone and account type (deposit, checkin, savings). Hitting submit on this UI will trigger 3 POST REST APIs Can you please provide a sample approach to achieve this? Additionally can you also provide an example of submitting a POST API request? I could only find GET examples.
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To invoke multiple APIs in a fixed sequence is a very common use case, and something that can easily be achieved in a microflow where you define the order of activities. 

In the documentation you can find a lot of examples/info on REST services, including the  POST action: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/consumed-rest-services 

On the bottom of the page there is even a video/tutorial that explains the process :)

Good luck!