Downloading Attachment in Edge and IE.

Hello, This may be a weird question.  But I have 2 attachments in my app that I am trying to open in Edge and IE. When I select the bottom attachment it opens fine using Edge.  When try to open the first file.  I get this pop on my browser. In IE11, I do not get anything for both.  I just click the download button and it will not do anything for me.  Open the files using Chrome or Firefox works just fine. Has anyone ever come across this issue?  Not sure where I should start to look to find where the issue is originating.  Also to add to my confusion.  We have 3 environments.  Test, UA and Production.  This issue seem to be only in production.  I can pull the same attachment in my Test and UA environments using Edge and IE11 with no issues If anyone can help.  I would really appreciate it. Thanks Gio
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