Apple & Android default clock

Hi all,  Originally when we first setup our app we used to clock picker widget that made the user choose the time in the android ‘wheel’ style. We got a lot of negative feedback about this so we changed it to typing in the time. The change however did work for mobiles as it seems like the Android and Apple mobile devices pick up that the website needs time inputting, and uses their own default clock. The wheel for android and the scroll selector for apple.  Does anyone know if this can be bypassed? We are using a web app at the moment, nothing is installed on the phone. (If they app went native would they still use the default android and apple time pickers? Many thanks,  
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Hi Garion,

You could workaround this by using/creating a custom widget (example, which is not so nice either). When going native, this is made much easier since you can just import a React Native component (and many time pickers exist), for now you would need to load a javascript library into a widget or build something from scratch.

When the app goes native, default is still the ‘native picker’, but can of course be changed.