JSON/Importmapping/API help

I am trying to pull data from PUT API, just testing for now.  This is a screenshot of the import mapping, i’m not sure what to tick. As it is ticked at the moment, an import entity for each of the ticks (as seen in the second screenshot). Ideally what i’d like to happen is one entity created for the below as attributes. (i’m quite new to this so any help would be appreciated).        
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Hi Garion,

The import mapping recognizes the seperate objects in your JSON structure and thus maps those to seperate entities in Mendix.

If you want to use the attributes of those associated objects (e.g. homeMashup.description) in the highest level entity, you would either need to have a different JSON structure (which might be impossible with a fixed endpoint) or you need to have some logic after the initial mapping to map it into a single object.