How does a search engine crawler handle dynamic mendix pages?

Hi, We are currently trying to make our client facing app crawlable by google. By using the SEO module we are able to create a site map, but since our pages are dynamically filled with content I’m not sure if google can crawl the page for keywords and other information. We have 1 page in Mendix were we allow the AppAdmin to generate multiple instances of with different text content/images/videos/…. So the app needs to build the page first with content from the database before any text content is shown in the page. We would like to know if google will be able to crawl any of this dynamic content or if there is an other way of handling this type of pages to be reachable by search engines.  
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Hi Tom, I remember a blog post about this topic:

and there is a module in the appstore:

hope this helps :)