Pink Elephant Advanced Google Module

Are there any plans to update this module to work with version 6.x (Decimal instead of Floats)?
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Hi David,

I converted this myself on Friday. I am planning to contribute it to the pink elephant module, but i need to get in contact with the developer. But if you can't wait until then it will be included in the telco field service sample app, which should be released next week.

Regards Simon


Hi David

I have plans on updating the widget and to refactor a lot of the code with some additional functionality, I will update you as soon as I have an intermediate working version as it is now, allowing you to pass in the decimals instead of floats, and improved for performance with the major changes in the framework since the widget was first made.

If you have any change requests please send me an email, I believe my contact information is in the widget documentation.

Regards Francois Venter


Hi Francois,

Can you tell anything about the date you will have an updated Mandix 6 version in the app store? We will be very pleased to use it in our app.

Regards, Jan Joost Duijvestijn