How do you delete unwanted pages?

So I’m working on an app for a final project, and got really no instruction on how to use Mendix. So I’ve been just messing around with things and experimenting and I don’t know how to delete pages that I’ve made and no longer need. Does anyone know of a solution to get rid of unwanted pages?
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It depends on which of the two Modelers you’re using.

  1. For the Mendix Desktop Modeler: see Mike’s comment 
  2. For the Mendix Web Modeler, you can open a Page from the left menu bar.

And then Click ‘Delete’ in the Properties pane.


In the Modeler, go to the Project Explorer on the left hand side of the screen, right mouse click on the unwanted page (or microflow or any other item) and you’ll see delete as one of the options in the popup menu.  See the screen shot below:

if you right mouse on page RFQ_NewEdit, for instance, you’ll get a popup menu with delete as one of the options.