Format string in Document template

Hi all,  In my app we have records of activities for which I have created document templates for. User’s can comment on each record, and it saves those comments. See screenshot. The user will type into the ‘Comment Post Event’ box and when the save it add the comment to an attribute called ‘CommendPostEventHistory’ all the comments are in one field and are formatted to separate the comments using the following logic.  Putting the CommentPostEventHistory attribute into the document template looks like this Because as it looks at the formatting tags as plain text.   Does anyone have any ideas on how I could add to the document template so it looks right? Many thanks,  Garion 
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what does the option render xHTML do?


Hi Garion,

Also check your BR tags. XHTML requires tags to be well-formed, aka with a opening and closing tag.

As far as I know, </br> isn't a valid XHTML tag. <br/> is in HTML.

Try to replace your </br> tags with <br></br> and see if it works.

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